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This FREE Preview of the Atomic Learning Video Storytelling Guide covers basic video shots and composition rules. Atomic Learning subscribers have access to the entire series both online and in .pdf (with classroom duplication rights!). Includes over 75 integrated video examples!

Learn to Speak Video Like a Pro

Good news!

It's never been easier to shoot and edit video. Video cameras are commonplace in homes and schools. Better yet, digital video (DV) has become the standard.

Thanks to personal computers and programs like Apple's iMovie and Microsoft's Movie Maker 2, editing video no longer means dealing with complicated videotape systems. Editing digital video on a computer, called non-linear editing, makes it easy to combine images, sounds, music and narration into a single finished production.

To continue, take a look at The Grammar of Video. Don't forget to check out the Video Examples page to view 16 FREE movies. Enjoy!

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Quick Description

The Video Storytelling Guide is a concise yet comprehensive guide to telling stories with video. It will teach you solid production techniques that can greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of your video stories.

The Guide includes helpful links throughout the text that provide instant access to term definitions. Links will also take you to each of the 75 video examples that illustrate the major concepts presented.

Atomic Learning subscribers may download the entire text of the Video Storytelling Guide in PDF format, as well as a wealth of resources for teaching video production (Word or AppleWorks formats).