Atomic Learning Privacy Policy

For a detailed overview of Hoonuit’s policies and procedures regarding privacy and data security, proceed to our detailed Privacy Policy.

Atomic Learning Privacy and Data Security Summary

There is a lot of talk about data privacy these days—and for good reason. Protecting your personal data is something we take very seriously, so we want to provide you with the information you need to feel confident in how your data will be protected.

Before we provide a lot of technical information like how data is stored and encrypted, let us first share with you why we use data to improve learning opportunities and outcomes through Hoonuit.

Helping you get the most value out of the technology in which you have invested

  • When we are able to learn a little from you about the technology you have available or are thinking about using, we can direct you to the training and courses that will best help you get the most out of those tools.

Improving school productivity and education performance

  • By knowing some basic information (e.g. whether you are a teacher or student, what subject area or instruction level is your focus, etc.), we will support more targeted instruction for both educators and students, by delivering the most relevant and engaging course recommendations.
  • When we are able to integrate with your systems such as Learning Management Systems, you are able to more deeply embed our resources into the systems and processes you use each day.
  • When we are able to use past information such as assessment scores, we can provide targeted courses to improve learning recommendations and outcomes.
  • By knowing what information you have viewed in the past and found most helpful, we can streamline steps for finding relevant and engaging content in the future. That means you will continually find it is easier to search for and experience relevant courses and resources, based on what you have used and found valuable in the past.

Providing you with ability to form connections with those who are dealing with the similar experiences and professional learning goals, allowing you to share/gain best practices and insights

  • As we know more about your learning preferences, we can start to provide connections to other learners around the world that are similar to you or looking to learn more about the topics you find interesting or valuable.

As you use our services, our goal is to minimize the information gathered while still maximizing the value that information can provide in delivering you relevant learning opportunities and outcomes.

At a high level, this infographic from the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) explains the basic requirements of the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which Hoonuit uses (along with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act - COPPA) to set our privacy and data security policies:

Source: DQC Data Quality Campaign