ICT Integration

Greater choice and opportunity for pupils

Classroom teaching using the Atomic Learning library helps to maintain a focus on curriculum. Atomic Learning will help ensure that children and young people are acquiring the full range of technology skills and abilities relevant to growing, living and working in the contemporary world.

Extend teaching time

Teachers no longer have to use valuable classroom time to teach the skill sets necessary to run software applications. They can simply direct pupils to Atomic Learning for basic answers or pull the individual tutorials needed for the project at hand.

Expand ICT teaching

The teacher does not have to be a subject teacher and an ICT teacher. Using Atomic Learning, a teacher can direct pupils to the software title on Atomic Learning. The pupil can learn the skills even if the teacher does not have the skill sets necessary to teach software applications for integration within curriculum.

A single coherent curriculum for all young people aged 3-18

Atomic Learning supports learning on software titles that are used in all levels, from early to senior. This allows the pupils to gain confidence in knowing that as they grow in wisdom they can advance technology skills using Atomic Learning all the way through the learning process.

ICT Integration Projects allow teachers to adopt the use of technology into structured lesson plans that can easily be adapted for the level of the learner.

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