For Sale! Part 1

Tech Integration Classroom Project

Subject: Language Arts
Platform: PC
Application: Inspiration 7

This project is Part 1 of a 3-part extended project which makes use of graphic organising software (For Sale!-Part 1), storyboarding software (For Sale!-Part 2), and a movie editing application (For Sale-Part 3) to create a movie "advertisement" for selling a school building.

The process for completing the For Sale - Part 1 diagram using the Inspiration® 7 software is described below. The Completed Project Movie shows you what the example project might look like. The tutorial movies that follow demonstrate, step-by-step, how to create the Inspiration diagram using the sample data provided. This project can be easily modified or adapted for creating graphic organiser diagrams for any subject under study. For a complete project description, including goals, objectives, and materials needed, see the Project Overview.

What's in a Project?

Each project provides:

  • Project activity guide
  • Copy of the completed project
  • All the resources needed to recreate the example project
  • Step-by-step tutorial movies that walk pupils through the project
  • Assessment rubric

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Tutorial series by Simon Thompson

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