How Can I Keep Safe While Living on My Own?

Once you are living on your own, you alone will be responsible for being aware of your situation and being able to identify and avoid risks to your safety. We are going to look at some specific threats to your safety and give you the knowledge of how to apply the skills we have already learned to address these specific threats. For young adults out on their own for the first time, there are two main threats that are most likely to occur: mugging and sexual assault. We will define each of these crimes and we will discuss how we avoid them, how we can deter them, and how we can defend against them.

By the end of this training, you'll be able to:
  • Understand that when you leave high school and move on to new opportunities and environments, those environments may be more dangerous.
  • Identify and prevent the two major threats to your safety: mugging and sexual assault.
  • Know what actions to take if you are unable to prevent one of these crimes from happening.
This content may not be suitable for all ages.

Tutorial series by Mindset Matters

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