I Have an Interactive Whiteboard, Now What?

The tutorials that make up this workshop series will attempt to answer some of the many questions that instructors have about using an interactive whiteboard in their classroom:

  • What types of interactive whiteboards are there and how do they work?  
  • What are the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard, both for my pupils AND for me?
  • How do I get started creating engaging, authentic IWB activities to use in my own classroom? 
  • Where can I find communities of educators who are using the same kind of interactive whiteboard that I use?
Whether you have a SMART Board™, Promethean ActivBoard®, Mimio®, Easiteach®, or some other type of device or software application that allows you to build interactivity into a presentation, you should find something of interest in this workshop.  Be sure to download the reference document that accompanies this tutorial series for a list of additional resources, including links to user communities, example activities and lessons, and continuing professional development opportunities related to interactive whiteboard use.

Tutorial series by Heather Slee, Jody Ouradnik, Jody Ouradnik

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