Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Mindset on Success

Our attitudes and the attitudes of our students regarding intelligence, talent, and potential are an important determinant of success. Carol Dweck’s research on the concept of mindset demonstrates that the way we respond to challenge and struggle is affected by our mindsets. We are all originally born with a growth mindset but over time, we develop fixed mindsets, which interfere with reaching our potential. The exciting news is that we can change our mindsets and the mindsets of our students. This module will dive into the concept of mindset and its critical impact on education. We will explore methods to teach the concept of mindset and provide strategies to encourage a growth mindset classroom so that students can unlock their potential.

By the end of this learning module, the learner will be able to:
  • Define mindset: fixed mindset, and growth mindset.
  • Teach how the different mindsets impact how one responds to challenge and struggle.
  • Teach how the different mindsets impact how one learns and achieves.
  • Teach students how the brain learns and grows.
  • Apply strategies to create a growth mindset classroom.
  • Learn the importance of normalizing challenge, struggle, and failure as part of the learning process.

Tutorial series by Dr. Matthew Arau

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