Create an Overhead-View Tank Game using ActionScript 3

Fire away, commander! In this online tutorial series, you will learn how to program an overhead-view tank game. The foundation of the code taught could be used to build countless top-view style games. Use the arrows keys to move, and the mouse (or any touch input) to fire missiles. You will work with basic ActionScript® (like functions, variables, if and while statements, etc), work with Enter Frame, Keyboard, and Mouse Listeners, detect collisions and handle scoring and points. Additionally, you will learn how to swap out the artwork to brand the look and style of the game to your needs, create endless new levels of your own and change the difficulty and add many more objectives.

This series was created by Cartoon Smart, a friend of Atomic Training’s. Partners like Cartoon Smart enable us to provide a wide variety of content to our customers.

Tutorial series by Cartoon Smart

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