Sprite Programming Kit

Justin Dike teaches this course on Sprite Kit game programming with Xcode® 5 and iOS® 7. He brings his practical, easy style of teaching to Sprite Kit, Apple’s own 2D game engine built into Xcode.

This introduction to Sprite Kit is truly meant for beginners of all kinds. If you’ve never programmed before, be sure to watch the first section and get some of the basics under your belt. Following that, we will pick apart the Sprite Kit starting template, then move onto building a quick game.

This is an Objective-C based Sprite Kit tutorial. If you’re looking for an introduction to Sprite Kit using only Swift, we recommend this course. Most users of Sprite Kit should find it easy to switch between Objective-C and Swift based projects.

This series was created by Cartoon Smart, a friend of Atomic Training’s. Partners like Cartoon Smart enable us to provide a wide variety of content to our customers.

Tutorial series by Justin Dike, Cartoon Smart

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