Microsoft Sway

Platform: PC

​Sway® is a Microsoft® app that helps you create, publish, and share interactive online presentations. You can drag and drop content from OneDrive®, Facebook®, YouTube™, Twitter™, and the Web, or even upload from your computer. There’s no need to deal with formatting, font size, or alignment, since Sway has a built-in design engine that pulls your content together and then makes it easy to try out new style and color combinations. Your Sway is automatically optimized for any size screen and can be easily shared with coworkers, family, and friends. You can use Sway for presentations, reports, and stories and it’s especially useful in education, for teachers or students to create an engaging presentation that can be reviewed online; or for professionals who need to present online and want a quick way to create a report they can easily share. Since it’s web-based and easy to edit, it’s great for any situation where you need to make regular updates to an existing document.

Tutorial series by Liz Van Kleeck

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