Skills Assessments to Measure Technology Competency

Atomic Learning offers online skill-based assessments on computer literacy and popular software applications to help gauge the knowledge and skills of both instructors and students. These assessments provide quiz-style insights to review retention of completed training.

How do the Skills Assessments work?

  • Correlate to training provided by Atomic Learning
  • Focus on how-to use and apply technology
  • Provide a variety of question types, including multiple choice, matching and hot spot
  • Easily identify areas of instructional need
  • Can be completed in a single sitting

See a full list of series that include skills assessments.

Sample Questions:

Which of these effects are editable after they have been applied? A) Scribble, B) SVG Filter, C) Warp or D) Zig Zag Select the option you would choose if you want to clear the formatting from the Find and Replace dialog box.