Word Online

Word Online is part of the family of online versions of Microsoft’s® Office software. Word Online, as opposed to working on a document on your desktop computer, has a couple advantages. Your document is stored in the cloud, such as OneDrive® or a SharePoint® drive that has been setup by a school, for example. This means you can access your document from anywhere, at anytime. Working with Word Online is also free.

Word Online is a streamlined version of the fully blown desktop version of Word. We will cover how to create a new document, add text, format the text, insert pictures, tables, Internet links, headers, footers and more. You have control over styles, bullet lists, and paper layout.

We will take a look at how to add a comment, reply to a comment, as well make use of the checkbox to finishing tasks. One of the great features of Word Online is that you can share your document, allowing you to collaborate, brainstorm, and keep changes by all contributors in one single document. We will show you how to share your document, or create a shareable link of your document, and manage permissions. We will also show how to download your document and work on a copy of your online document on your computer.

You’ll learn about:

  • Basics
  • Text
  • Page Formatting
  • Objects and Media
  • Comments
  • Editing, Printing
  • Views
  • Sharing, Collaborating

Tutorial series by Kenneth Gammell

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