Video Storytelling in the Classroom

Spotlight Goals

Teachers and students will generate video story ideas, identify proper video techniques to use in communicating messages to their audiences, and reflect on how to incorporate the project in their classroom.

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1Build Your Understanding

Video Storytelling Guide (29 min)
Podcasting and Vodcasting Workshop (1 hr 4 min)
YouTube™ for Educators Workshop (1 hr 4 min)

2Put This Concept Into Practice - Classroom Projects

For Sale! Part 1 (18 min), Part 2 (11 min), Part 3 (12 min)
Video Creation (51 min)
Feelin' the Way I Do (36 min)
Podcast Creation (1 hr)

3Reflect & Apply

Professional Development Workbook
Adapting 21st Century Skills Projects to the Classroom Workshop

?Reference Tools

Final Cut Pro® Courses
iMovie® Courses
Premiere® Elements Courses
Premiere Pro Courses
VoiceThread® Courses
Windows Live Movie Maker Courses

Playing a Movie in Boardmaker™ Plus Tutorial*
Inserting a Movie in IntelliTools® Classroom Suite Tutorial*