Collaborating with a Global Community

Spotlight Goals

  • Identify how teachers and students can connect themselves to a global community
  • Reflect on the best global project(s) to introduce into the classroom
  • Plan the necessary steps for implementing a project
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1Build Your Understanding

Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom Workshop (1 hr 51 min)
The Social & Interactive Web Workshop: Today's Web 2.0 (3 hr 40 min)
21st Century Skills Concepts Workshop (55 min)

2Put This Concept Into Practice - Classroom Projects

What’s for Breakfast? (1 hr 7 min)
Water Works (43 min)
Myth and Lore We Share (1 hr 5 min)

3 Reflect & Apply

Professional Development Workbook
Adapting 21st Century Skills Projects to the Classroom Workshop

?Reference Tools

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netvibes® Courses
Skype Courses
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