Internet Safety: Be Aware!

Project Overview

Software Type: Multimedia

The example project created in this Lesson Accelerator addresses ISTE Standards Performance Indicators for middle grades as used in a(n) Health/Life Skills curriculum. It could also be used with older learners or adapted for lower grades. See the section on Extending and Adapting at the bottom of this page for ideas on how to use this same project for different subjects, grades, and skill levels.

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Students will be working with multimedia software to create a poster highlighting Internet safety – a topic that is much on the minds of educators, students, and parents alike. Students will begin choosing a page style and a page template. They will add an image, rotate the image, and change the style of the image, as well as add and edit some stylized text. Finally, the students will save and print their project. This project can be included in a unit about Internet safety, or easily adapted as a technology component for other subjects being studied.


To allow students the opportunity to use multimedia software for creative expression of information they have studied and wish to present to others.


The student will be able to:

  • Change the page style.
  • Use a page template.
  • Add an image.
  • Rotate an image.
  • Change the style of a picture.
  • Add and edit captions.
  • Add, edit, and stylize text.
  • Print and save their work.

Preparation and Skill Mastery

Students should have mastered basic computer skills, such as the use of input devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.), opening and closing applications, and saving documents to a personal folder or directory.


  • A computer with multimedia software installed
  • A printer (optional)

Task List

The tasks to be completed for this project include:

  • Changing the page style.
  • Using a page template.
  • Adding, editing, and positioning an image.
  • Adding and editing text.
  • Printing the project.
  • Saving the project.


Assessment can be based on the following:

  • A rubric for assessing mastery of the project skills is included in the downloadable resource packet. This may be used by the teacher for assessing student mastery, or as a self-assessment tool by the student.

Extending or Adapting

Here are some possible ways that this lesson plan might be extended or adapted for different timeframes, grade levels, and skill/ability levels:

  • The focus of the project described in this Lesson Accelerator is on the topic of Internet safety. However, the basic procedures described in this project can be applied to the creation of other types of posters or public service announcements, related to any subject matter that is being studied in the classroom.
  • Younger students, or students with limited language proficiency, might complete this project using more images and less text.
  • Additional information & activities about Internet safety are available on the Web, and can be found by entering "internet safety" as the key words in a search engine.

What's in a Project?

Each project provides:

  • Project activity guide
  • Copy of the completed project
  • All the resources needed to recreate the example project
  • Step-by-step tutorial movies that walk students through the project
  • Assessment rubric