Common Challenges. Innovative Solutions.

Rooted in education, Hoonuit understands the unique issues that schools face, and provides cost-effective, yet innovative solutions.

Preparing for
College & Career

We know that ‘soft skills’ are important for both academic and career success…

Now What?

There’s been a consistent emphasis on college- and career-readiness for students, as well as a demand for an enhanced skillset for teachers and staff. Providing access to online learning resources, self-management and soft skills can help build sought-after skillsets for students, teachers, and staff—even parents!

Sample topics include:

Finding Time
for Relevant Training

Finding the time to train teachers, staff, and students is a challenge…

Now What?

Provide an on-going opportunity for teachers, staff, and students to quickly learn what they need to know to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Sample topics include:

Making the Most
of Your Investment in

Addressing a Lack of

Students aren’t engaged…

Now What?

Equip teachers with the skills and knowledge needed to engage today’s learners with 24/7 self-paced learning resources and online professional development focused on teaching strategies, education trends, and other highly-relevant topics.

Adapt to
Instructional Practices

We need to help teachers keep up with changing instructional practices…

Now What?

Providing an on-going opportunity to explore and discover new tools and approaches for the classroom, Atomic Learning helps educators to not only gain confidence, but also ensure their instructional practices are relevant to today’s learning environment.