Stretch the Impact of your Grant Funding

Funding for education is always a concern, but when tight budgets force heavier workloads and elimination of staffing positions, it becomes even more important.

Investing your grant dollars in Atomic Learning eases the strain on your technology and professional development teams so they can continue to bring effective embedded technology professional development to your district. The just-in-time platform brings professional development to teachers when and where they need it, and keeps them in the classroom to continue to create college- and career-ready students.

As you review grant opportunities, remember there are two types: formula Formula Grants are issued following the completion of a consolidated application by each school district. Funds are allocated based on various formulas which may include student demographics such as race, family income, and location. and competitive Competitive grants are funded through the United States Department of Education (US DoE). The grants may be issued directly from the US DoE or from the relevant state education agency. A formal grant proposal must be submitted and selected to receive funding. . To assist you in stretching the impact of your grant funding, check out these helpful resources:

Funding Spreadsheet

To help streamline the funding process, Atomic Learning has compiled a downloadable spreadsheet of several funding sources districts have used to purchase Atomic Learning.

Grant Wrangler Website provides an extensive list of various funding available for K-12 education.

Foundation Center Website offers access to its comprehensive data base which tracks 1.3 million grants. Access to the website is available for a fee.