Completing a FAFSA Training

If you or a member of your family plans to attend college in the near future, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSASM for short – will be an indispensable part of your application for financial aid. It may be daunting at first and the process will take some time, but by watching all of the movies in this online training course, you will gain insight on how to complete the FAFSA.

In the following tutorials, you'll learn how to get an FSA ID, username, and password. We’ll also explore ways to use the resources already built into the Web site so that you are able to correctly fill out the forms, and find help if you should need it.

Once your forms are complete, we’ll learn how to sign the FAFSA electronically and submit it, then how to interpret the Student Aid Report (SAR) that you will receive once your FAFSA has been successfully submitted, and how to make corrections if you need to do so.

Tutorial series by Cindy Rybaczyk

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