Epson BrightLink projectors 475Wi, 480i and 485Wi

Platform: Projectors and Device and Mac and PC

These tutorials are for Epson® BrightLink® users to help you make the most of your BrightLink projector models 475Wi, 480i, and 485Wi and their software.

More information on Epson BrightLink projectors can be found at:

If you use a different model of Epson BrightLink projector you can find tutorials for your model here.

Brightlink Overview provides tutorials for technical steps like downloading the software and calibration.
Easy Interactive Tools provides tutorials for using this software and your interactive pen’s mouse and annotation capabilities.
Computer Free Annotation provides tutorials on using the interactive pens without using a computer or installing Easy Interactive Tools.
iProjection App provides tutorials for using this mobile app and your projector with images, files and webpages.
Remote Control provides training on how to use your remote for more than powering up and down.
TeamBoard Draw provides training about this optional software and how it compares to Easy Interactive Tools.

Tutorial series by Matthew Lenz

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