Tech Skills Assessment: Example Questions

The following are examples of questions used in the Tech Skills Assessment. None of these questions are used in the actual assessment. The test administrator can choose to turn on the feedback option. If it is turned on, feedback will be shown at the completion of the assessment.

Question 1: ISTE Standards 5

Marisol created a presentation about recycling plants for her science class. She showed it to her classmate Keith before she presented it to her class. In his feedback, Keith noted that some parts of the presentation didn’t sound natural, and Marisol showed him where she’d copied and pasted from various Web sites. What should Keith do?

  1. Tell Marisol that the presentation looks fine and she should go on with it
  2. Explain that he would have done a better job with the presentation
  3. Help Marisol put information in her own words and include a bibliography
  4. Offer to revise the presentation by himself and give her the finished presentation


  1. This is incorrect. Keith knows that it is not a good idea to copy and paste from source sites. He should say something to Marisol about how to repair her presentation.
  2. This is incorrect. Marisol asked Keith for his help, and he should collaborate with her instead of competing.
  3. This is correct. Keith can collaborate with Marisol and support her learning about citation of sources and plagiarism. Learning about these issues will help Marisol become a better writer in the future.
  4. This is incorrect. Keith should think about collaborating with Marisol instead of doing the work for her. If he does all the work, she won’t learn about important issues, such as plagiarism and source citation.

Question 2: ISTE Standards 5

Mr. Bennett noticed that two of his students, Kay and Una, had included the same information in both of their presentations. He asked them if they had decided to collaborate, but Kay stated that she had copied her presentation information from her friend. Mr. Bennett asked Kay to redo her presentation. What is the BEST reason Mr. Bennett has to justify his assignment?

  1. Mr. Bennett likes Una better than Kay.
  2. Una had included incorrect information in her presentation.
  3. Kay needs to present her own original research, not Una’s research.
  4. Kay should have chosen a different background and images in her presentation.


  1. This is incorrect. Although sometimes some students feel like they are being unfairly punished, there is a good reason for Kay to redo her presentation. It has nothing to do with Mr. Bennett’s feelings about either girl.
  2. This is incorrect. If Una’s research was faulty, Mr. Bennett may have asked her to redo her presentation as well.
  3. This is correct. It is important that Kay go through all the research steps that Una did. Doing research leads not only to learning about the subject, but about research strategies, data gathering, and presentation skills. Kay may have come up with a different conclusion, as well.
  4. This is incorrect. Kay needs to completely redo her presentation, including the research – not just the design elements.

Question 3: ISTE Standards 4

Samir wants to write a review of a class play. Which part of the review is BEST done using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word?

  1. Obtaining quotes from the actors
  2. Researching the life of the play’s author
  3. Adding a caption beneath a photograph of a scene
  4. Sending information about the play to students in other classes


  1. This is incorrect. To obtain the quotes, the student would have to interview the actors. This might happen in person or online; however, word processing programs do not typically help people interact with one another.
  2. This is incorrect. Word processing programs are used to create text. They do not typically contain databases of information. These are found in books and on relevant Web sites.
  3. This is correct. You can insert a photograph into a document using a word processing program, and then type a caption into a text box under that photograph.
  4. This is incorrect. A word processing program might be used to create a document containing information about the play, but word processing programs on their own cannot be used to send documents to other people.