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Table of Essential Digital Literacy Elements
Self-Assessment Instrument v 2.0

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INSTRUCTIONS: Simply rate your proficiency in each skill area using the following scale:

0 = I know nothing about this skill
1 = I have seen this skill demonstrated, but have not tried to do it myself
2 = I can perform this skill, but I need some help
3 = I can perform this skill on my own
4 = I can teach this skill to others

Remember that your score is relative to yourself... one person's 35 does not equal another person's 35.

HINTS: Click on any skill statement for further explanation and for examples of that skill in action. When you are finished, you can email a copy of your results to yourself.

Self-Assessment: Digital Literacy Elements
1. Collecting 2. Composing 3. Communicating
Organizing Manipulating Formatting
/ 100