Hoonuit Web Site - Administrative Features

On the Hoonuit site, there are a variety of administrative features available. In this training, there are seven different sections designed to assist you in the administration of Hoonuit's resources:

  • Under the Getting Started section, you will find resources you can use to implement, integrate, and market our resources out to your staff, as well as learn how to use our site in more detail.
  • The Reports section will show you a variety of reporting options to help you make best use of the data from utilization of our resources.
  • The Assessment section is where our ISTE/NETS and Skills assessments can be assigned and managed.
  • The Training section is where assignments can be managed as well as where training series can be hidden if needed.
  • The Manage My School’s Training section allows you to build and edit custom courses.
  • The Users section allows you to maintain your users as well as create and edit groups for your users to be put into.
  • Finally the ePortfolio section allows you to see the content uploaded by users into their ePortfolios as well as leave them feedback on that content.
Throughout this series, we will be further exploring these sections for you to more fully understand their uses and functions.

Tutorial series by Kenneth Gammell

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