ISTE Standards•T Assessment

Assess teacher comprehension of 21st century skills based on ISTE Standards•T.

The assessment lets districts gauge technology skill levels and helps teachers develop personalized learning paths to incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom.

  • Take test to identify gaps
  • View Concept Series
  • Perform skills-based projects to target gaps
  • Adapt/implement skills-based projects in the curriculum
  • Provide supervisor with completed PD Workbook as proof of applied skills

How is the Assessment unique?

  • It's not designed to be easy. Participants will be challenged with focused questions in areas they likely haven't thought about.
  • It focuses on the application of technology and 21st century skills in the classroom.
  • It’s based on the ISTE Standards•T concepts.
  • It comprises 40 questions in multiple choice, multi-select, matching, and true/false formats.
  • It facilitates project-based follow-up professional development.
  • It features a comprehensive reporting system for individual and organizational skills assessment.
  • It includes a framework for adapting existing projects.
  • It's included in a subscription to the Atomic Integrate solution.