Implement Tech Skills Assessment

Assess technology comprehension based on ISTE Standards•S

Atomic Learning’s Tech Skills Assessment options help you gauge technology skill levels. The process is simple:

  1. Pre-test to identify gaps with 24- and 48-question options to fit the length of your class period. (Allow 1-2 minutes per question.)
  1. Implement skills-based projects in the curriculum to target those gaps. These projects, called Technology Integration Projects, walk users through a project from start to finish. Video tutorials give step-by-step instructions on using the software. Everything needed to complete the sample project is included.

    View the projects listed in the sidebar.
  1. Final test to gauge technology literacy levels

NOTE: Access to the Tech Skills Assessment is provided by the individual in your organization who has appropriate access to either create an open session for a shared login or to assign the assessment to individuals or groups. Creating sessions and assigning assessments is done via Admin Tools » Manage Assessments.