Going beyond the 'how-to', each of Atomic Learning's workshops consist of a series of tutorials designed to teach faculty, staff, and students how to best implement these skills in their courses and educational careers.

  • A Digitally Accessible Campus

    27 minutes

    This online workshop walks users through the basics of accessibility. Includes discussion on the reasons for accessible instruction, examples of accessible materials, an introduction to commonly used assistive technology tools, and tips on how to ensure materials are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

  • APA (6th Ed.) Research Paper Basics

    1 hour 21 minutes

    This workshop provides a guided tour of the basics of formatting a research paper in “APA style,” following the rules set out in the 6th Edition of the “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.”

  • Avoiding Plagiarism Training

    16 minutes

    This online training workshop will teach you what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Learn what information requires citation, and how to paraphrase, use in-text citation, create a works cited page using free online tools, and more.

  • Being an Effective Online Student

    1 hour 14 minutes

    This workshop will help students understand the skills they need and the resources available to them in order to succeed in their online classes. Also includes time management, organization, and digital citizenship skill building.

  • Being Savvy Online

    1 hour 13 minutes

    As technology evolves, so do the dangers involved. From public Facebook® profile information to online shopping, this online workshop discusses ideas to neutralize the dangers the Internet can sometimes pose.

  • Blogging Workshop

    3 hours 31 minutes

    This workshop will explain the difference between various kinds of blogs, introduce you to some hosting solutions, and show you how to setup your own blog using Blogger™.

  • Bringing Social Stories to Life

    31 minutes

    This online training workshop explores the different technologies including Explain Everything, Puppet Pals, StoryBook Creator Pro and iMovie® that can be used to bring new life to social stories for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Chicago Manual of Style Training

    26 minutes

    Welcome to the exciting world of style. In particular, Chicago style. This online training workshop will help you format your essay and cite your sources in adherence to the guidelines set forth in the magnificent Chicago Manual of Style®.

  • Completing a FAFSA

    23 minutes

    If you or a member of your family plans to attend college, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be an indispensable part of your financial aid application. This workshop will help you learn to use the FASFA Web site and complete the appropriate paperwork.

  • Computer Literacy Basics Training

    1 hour 10 minutes

    This online training workshop will teach you the basics about using your computer with topics ranging from double clicking with your mouse to setting up an email account and even how to transfer photos from your camera to your hard drive.

  • Conquering Physical Challenges Workshop

    22 minutes

    In this online training workshop, students share how they are using technology to conquer physical challenges. Also featured are the educators who have helped the students be successful.

  • Creating an Online Course Workshop

    38 minutes

    Step by step process to create a Moodle™ class. Learn how to modify the header and create new class sessions, along with how to add content such as assignments, video links, files, an online chat, a test, and a poll to the class.

  • Creative Commons Workshop

    49 minutes

    Creative Commons provides free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof.

  • Effective Online Discussion

    2 hours 5 minutes

    Incorporating online discussions in an online, blended, or face-to-face class is a great way for students to connect, share information, and demonstrate understanding of subject matter. This online workshop addresses the ins and outs of conducting online discussions.

  • Effective Presentation Design

    32 minutes

    Learn about the elements of an effective presentation in this online training workshop. Includes training on using visuals, storytelling, and structure to most effectively communicate your idea to your audience.

  • eReaders: Getting to Know Your Device

    51 minutes

    This online training series takes a look at the iPad as an e-reading device. We focus on the three primary apps for reading books, magazines, and newspapers on the iPad, concentrating primarily on Apple's own iBooks app and iBookstore, but also looking at Amazon's Kindle app for iPad, and Barnes & Noble's NOOK app. We will cover the operation of the apps themselves, and explore how each manages a library of content.

    This series will also take a quick look at other apps for reading content, and at the various content formats. You'll learn tips on finding free content, and how to access magazines and newspapers on the iPad.

  • Facebook for Educators

    42 minutes

    This workshop will discuss how educators can use this popular site to connect with students and/or colleagues, and will suggest recommendations for effective use of this tool.

  • Facebook for Students

    41 minutes

    This workshop will teach students the basics of Facebook®, how to find educational and useful features, how and why one would create a group, and will also provide some tips on how to be safe online and to protect your online persona.

  • Facilitating Online Courses in an LMS

    1 hour 22 minutes

    Moving beyond the technical how-to of an LMS, this workshop takes you through the development of an online course from beginning to end with theoretical guidance and practical tips and tools.

  • I Have an Interactive Whiteboard, Now What?

    21 minutes

    This workshop answers some of the many questions that instructors have about using an interactive whiteboard:

    • What types of interactive whiteboards are there?
    • How do they work and what are the benefits?
    • How do I get started creating activities?
  • iPad as an i-Reader - An Orientation for Educators

    56 minutes

    This workshop provides an orientation, from an educator’s perspective, to the e-Reading capabilities of the iPad™, to some emerging trends in e-Reading, and to iPad™ accessibility options that are pertinent to its use as an e-Reader.

  • MLA (2009 Ed.) Research Paper Basics

    44 minutes

    This workshop will teach you about MLA® formatting rules, incorporating outside sources in your papers, and properly citing those sources.

  • Moving to the Cloud

    1 hour 9 minutes

    Most organizations host their applications locally, but all that is changing. This workshop covers the basics of cloud computing, a relatively young and rapidly changing mode of delivery. Learn about the organizational advantages and the considerations you may need to make before moving to the cloud.

  • PBworks - Wiki Workshop

    1 hour 20 minutes

    Wikis are simple Web pages that let you collaborate with others. If you need a simple way to get your syllabus online or are seeking an online collaboration tool for your students, this workshop on PBworks® 2.0 is for you.

  • PC Maintenance and Security

    3 hours 35 minutes

    This workshop takes an in-depth look at some cost-effective ways to keep your internet connected PC running smoothly and how to protect the valuable data we store on them.

  • Podcasting and Vodcasting Workshop - iLife '06

    58 minutes

    iLife® ‘06 is the award-winning digital lifestyle suite from Apple®. Learn how to use this multifaceted software to create interesting and imaginative podcasts and vodcasts.

  • Podcasting and Vodcasting Workshop - iLife '09

    1 hour 44 minutes

    Learn how to create interesting and imaginative podcasts and vodcasts using iLife® ‘09 by Apple®.

  • Podcasting Workshop - An Introduction to Audio Podcasting

    1 hour 16 minutes

    In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find, subscribe, listen to podcasts for learning or just for fun, and how to create and share your own podcast.

  • Screen Recording - Setting Up Training

    25 minutes

    Looking to create your own training with Atomic Learning’s Custom Content feature? This workshop includes tips and tricks from Atomic Learning’s eLearning Developers on how to make high-quality training, as well as information about initial set up, recording audio, and how to prepare your computer to create videos with ease.

  • Searching the Web - Intro

    1 hour 11 minutes

    The tutorials in this workshop series will introduce you to the different types of search tools that can be used for searching the Internet and special commands and operators to use in your search query to refine results, as well as unique features and functions of individual search tools.

  • Searching the Web - Advanced

    2 hours 3 minutes

    This workshop goes beyond basic search techniques to explore advanced search site features, browser-based search tools, and social-bookmarking tools. The workshop also discusses finding and using specialized search sites and strategies for evaluating Web pages.

  • Skills for Developing Assistive Tech Competence Workshop

    32 minutes

    This workshop explains how to help learners develop identified essential skill areas to become competent Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users.

  • The Social and Interactive Web: Today's Web 2.0

    3 hours 31 minutes

    In this online training workshop, learn how to use blogs, wikis, LinkedIn®, Twitter™, Facebook®, and other tools to interact and be more social in the ways we use the Internet. Educators in all areas can benefit by infusing some or all of these technologies in their learning environments.

  • Web Resources Workshop - Search, Evaluate & Use

    52 minutes

    The tutorials in this workshop will answer the following common questions educators and students have when using Web-based resources:

    • How do I search the Web effectively?
    • How do I evaluate sites for authority, accuracy & objectivity?
    • What do I need to know about copyright and how do I properly cite sources?
  • YouTube for Educators

    1 hour 44 minutes

    Millions of people use YouTube™ to view, upload, and share movies on a variety of topics. This workshop explains how to use YouTube™, and how it can be an effective tool for those wishing to incorporate video in the classroom.