Give your incoming freshman and transfer students the tools and skills needed to get them on the fast track to college- and career-success, including:

Student Services (TRIO, Student Affairs, FYE)

Many students are not fully prepared with the skills they need to succeed in college, and often reach out to student services for assistance. Provide on-demand support with self-help tools focused on:

Tutoring & Writing Services

With on-demand access to online learning resources, your tutoring staff can focus more on helping students with the content of the project instead of the basics. Atomic Learning can help:

Career Services

Empower your career services staff with resources designed to help learners gain the confidence and skills needed in today’s workplace, including:

Disability Services

Facilitate a barrier-free campus and strive towards 508 and WCAG compliance with highly-relevant online learning resources focused on accessibility, such as:


Give students the best chance at success in college and beyond with on-demand learning resources focused on building critical skillsets, including:


Campus libraries serve as a go-to-resource for students—be sure to provide staff with access to on-demand learning resources that free up time to better support students:

Faculty & Instructional Design

As instructors are challenged to shift the way they teach and deliver courses, provide non-intimidating support to assist the transition through:

Instructional Technology

Guide instructors in the effective use and integration of technology by providing instant access to easy-to-use training on:

Information Technology

IT staff can maintain a focus on critical initiatives while continuing to support campus technology users through the use of online training videos that:

  • Streamline response time to frequent tech questions
  • Supplement the help desk knowledge base repositories
  • Get everyone up-to-speed on campus-wide software upgrades and new installs

Online Learning

For students and instructors alike, online learning requires an expanded skillset from traditional brick and mortar classes. Help ensure their success with in-depth courses focused on:

College of Education

Prepare College of Education students for the future of learning with specialized online learning resources focused on preparing pre-service teachers to enter the classroom, including:

  • Courses on classroom management, learning methodologies, mobile learning, and more
  • Resources on instructional practices, including differentiated instruction and tech integration
  • Assessments based on ISTE Standards•S and ISTE Standards•T

Campus Safety & Security

Ensure that your campus is not only addressing federal requirements regarding campus safety, but also mitigating student and parent concerns with safety-focused online resources :

  • Building awareness of potential dangers with courses on identifying and assessing threats
  • Drawing attention to risky behaviors to proactively avoid dangerous situations
  • Helping students a solid skillset to take ownership of their safety—on and off campus

HR & Admin Departments

Provide an on-going opportunity for faculty, staff, and students alike, to quickly enhance their skillset and advance their careers through the use of on-demand learning resources focused on: