Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Nope, but you don’t need one. Hoonuit’s website is fully responsive, making it easily viewable on all mobile devices with no download required.

To utilize Hoonuit resources, you will need an internet-connected device with a supported Operating System and Browser, and be able to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Internet Cookies: 3rd Party Cookies must be accepted in your selected internet browser(s)
  • Bandwidth: Minimum 128 kb/s; Recommended 512 kb/s*
  • Adobe Reader 9 or higher

*Hoonuit recommends that the customer has internet bandwidth speeds of 512 kilobits per second or greater. Hoonuit’s website performance may vary for the customer if the customer has any additional internet bandwidth consumption taking place.

Assessment Requirements:
All assessments are subject to standard Hoonuit compatibility with a supported Operating System and Browser(s), however Internet Explorer 11 is not currently supported with Atomic Learning assessments. Additionally, if you wish to take our ISTE Standards•T Assessment (formerly known as NETS-T Assessment) or ISTE Standards•S Assessment (formerly known as NETS-S Assessment) you will need to install Flash 9.1 or higher on each individual computer to be used. iPad devices currently do not support Flash; therefore, iPads cannot be used to take these two assessments. Our skills assessments, which align to hard skills training, can be taken on any device that supports HTML5, including iPads.

Custom Upload Content Playback Requirements
Hoonuit allows administrative users of select packages to upload training videos, documents and training resources in a variety of formats. To support these formats, the following additional requirements must also be met:

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration Requirements:
A variety of tools are available for streamlining access to Hoonuit within your LMS system.

  • Blackboard Building Block: Limited service packs are supported. See details.
  • LTI Tool: Fully compatible with any LTI compliant LMS.

Try to log into Atomic Learning. If you use the wrong information you will be directed to the log-in error page. Enter the e-mail address for your account in the space provided and instructions for recovering your password will be sent to you.

Q: I'm using the latest version of QuickTime on a PC and my movies aren't playing well or I'm experiencing sound quality issues. What should I do?

A: You can choose to view the movies in Flash, disable closed captioning, or uninstall QuickTime and install version 7.6.0.

Q: I have an older version of QuickTime on my Mac and my movies aren’t playing in either QuickTime or Flash. What should I do?

A: On some Intel-based Macs, QuickTime version 7.2 affects the computer’s ability to play web-based videos. Unfortunately, this version can also impact other applications.

Please try another browser, such as Firefox, to see if the issue still exists. If needed, install the newest version of QuickTime.

With the player window closed, click My Profile & Settings at the top right of the page. Change the desired preferences and click the Save button. Close the preferences window.

View a tutorial on Setting your Preferences: opens video dialog

When uploaded to Hoonuit, all video files are converted to .flv (Flash) movie format that cannot be viewed via QuickTime. To view these videos, change your player preference to Flash:

Log into Hoonuit

On the home page, click 'My Profile & Settings' in the upper right corner of the page.

In the window that appears, select 'Flash' in the 'Preferred Movie Format' dropdown menu.

If you do not have an individual login, you may not be able to change your own preferences and should contact your Hoonuit administrator.

View a tutorial on Setting your Preferences : opens video dialog