Using Evernote in Instruction

Platform: Device and Mac and PC

Evernote® is a suite of applications and services for note-taking and archiving. It works on PC and Mac laptops and desktops; mobile devices like iOS® and Android™ smartphones and tablets; and on the Web; and it automatically synchronizes across all of your devices. In this training, we’ll explore the interface on all three applications: desktop, mobile, and Web. You’ll learn how to create notes, as well as how to add media like Webpages, photos, and audio clips. We’ll talk about how to set reminders and how to organize your notes with notebooks, stacks, and tags; and use shortcuts to find notes quickly when you need them. You’ll learn how to use social media and Work Chat to share notes and notebooks, and collaborate with fellow students or colleagues in real time. Finally, we’ll talk about how teachers and students can use Evernote to increase their productivity, both inside and outside the classroom.

Tutorial series by Liz Van Kleeck

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