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Tested & Supported  Tested & Supported
Supported  Supported
  Not Supported

Atomic Learning offers a free Blackboard Building Block™ integration tool to utilize Atomic Learning tutorials and content within your instance of Blackboard Learn™. For an optimal experience, please ensure that your LMS is using one of the supported versions included on this page. Additionally, the stated minimum requirements must also be met.

Though Atomic Learning’s Blackboard Building Block™ may be installed and accessed in additional versions and service packs of Blackboard Learn™, the table below indicates the level of support and quality assurance testing that is dedicated to each level.

Additional documentation, including a Technical Overview, Requirements, and Set-up Documentation are available.

The level of support for the Atomic Learning Blackboard Building Block™ integration tool.
Web Browser Operating System
Browser Version Atomic Learning Blackboard Building Block™
v.1.0.5 and lower* v.2.x
Blackboard Learn 9.1 8 Tested & Supported Supported
9 Tested & Supported Supported
10 Tested & Supported Supported
11 Not supported Supported
12 Not supported Tested & Supported
13 Not supported Supported
14 Not supported Tested & Supported
April 2014 Not supported Tested & Supported

*Support of v1.0.5 of the Atomic Learning Blackboard Building Block will be discontinued after December 31, 2014. Version 2.x (v2.x) is backward compatible. Download the most recent version of the installation file.

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