Atomic Learning Works for Education

At Atomic Learning, we serve over eight million teachers, students, and learners of all ages in more than 12,000 educational institutions, and take pride in creating tools that work for education.

There’s no need to just take our word for it though! Check out the stories and quotes below about how Atomic Learning resources have helped schools, districts, colleges, and universities build technology competence and deliver quality staff development resources.

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Atomic Learning has the best educational tutorials for technology training I've ever seen.

Lynn | Instructional Lead Technology Teacher

Atomic Learning is our saving grace. In this time of budget cuts and no money for subs we can’t conduct the needed trainings ourselves.

Thor | Occupational Therapist, Assistive Technology

I used to get calls/emails all the time from parents who were frustrated watching their kids muddle through a sticky part of a tech project. Now, most of the kids, and many of the parents, know to check Atomic Learning first. I’ve used it for years with two different laptop schools and I can’t recommend it highly enough...

It’s on my short list of school technology essentials.

Tami | Technology Coordinator

Atomic Learning is a flexible, low-cost tool for educators and students. Technical support of the tool has been fantastic. It has been an integral part of the professional development we offer our staff.

Ted | Coordinator of Instructional Technology Library/Media Services

Teachers do not have time to drive across town after school or on Saturdays to sit in a face-to-face skills training class that is totally disconnected to what they are teaching in class. By using Atomic Learning, teachers can access the support and/or training in the context of what they are about to do with their students. Atomic Learning is there when and where the teacher needs it.

Sheri | District Instructional Technology Specialist

With the size of our school and the cost of ownership compared to how many people can access it – it is amazing… I don’t ever see us discontinuing the use of Atomic Learning.

Wade | Technology Coordinator

With Atomic Learning you can learn what you want to learn whenever you want.

Carol | Technology Director

Atomic Learning earns an A+ for providing a much-needed resource… no other programme offers both students and teachers the instructional resources or staff development opportunities that Atomic Learning does so brilliantly.

Shonda | Writer

Teachers are considered the experts in their classroom, so sometimes they're a little hesitant to try new technologies, if they feel like they don't know them very well.

Atomic Learning allows them to be able to walk into their classroom, prepared and knowing all the technologies that they will be using.

Debra | Director of Technology Professional Development

Technology doesn't come naturally to me, it's like a puzzle. So, Atomic Learning helps to put those pieces together.

Kasie | Art Teacher