Online Resources for ICT Integration

Originally founded by a group of technology educators, Atomic Learning understands the unique challenges educators face when using technology in the classroom, and is dedicated to helping support educators in making meaningful use of ICT.

Project-Based Learning

Because each classroom and each educator is different, Atomic Learning has built-in resources to help educators create and adapt projects for use in the classroom. With over 250 classroom-ready projects, and additional lessons and resources on mobile learning, Atomic Learning makes it easy to use ICT in the classroom.

Classroom Planning

From using interactive whiteboards to incorporating mobile devices, prepare for success through ICT-focused continuing professional development. Atomic Learning's vast online library includes not only training on hundreds of software applications, but also assessment tools to measure individuals’ ability to use and apply ICT.

Extend Teaching Time

While ICT has undeniable benefits in the classroom, it also has the potential to become a distraction. Maximise valuable classroom time by providing teachers a resource to answer students’ “How do I…?” technology questions—allowing them to focus on the day’s lessons, not the technology.

Impact Student Achievement

Atomic Learning will help ensure that children and young people are acquiring the full range of ICT skills and abilities relevant to growing, living and working in the contemporary world without losing a focus on curriculum. Research has proven that students in classrooms where teachers use Atomic Learning achieve more!

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