Share Custom Content with “My School's Training”

From Human Resources documentation of compliance training to student transportation protocols, the custom training upload capabilities built into Atomic Integrate+ help you communicate training, policies, and resources with everyone at your institution, with faculty, or with specific groups of users.

Best of all, every uploaded resource is tied to Atomic Learning’s robust reporting system, which will provide printable and exportable reports showing completion of both your institution’s uploaded resources and Atomic Learning’s training tutorials.

A custom training series can include a variety of formats :opens in a new window including video, audio, and document files or external links to websites, as well as individual Atomic Learning resources.

Sample Custom Training Series

While the training needs of each school are unique, here are a few common topics that Atomic Learning’s Custom Training feature has been used to deliver:

  • Human Resource policies and benefits
  • Policies regarding access and security
  • Hazing, bullying, gangs and other threatening actions
  • Customised curriculum content

How Custom Training Works

Available solutions

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