Classroom Management Strategies

One of the constant struggles in education is behaviour management. Teachers work hard to provide the best instructional environment and strategies for their students, but it often only takes one or two distracting students to have a major impact on the effectiveness of that instruction. Not only do these distractions take away from the instructional process for that student, but it can have an impact on the entire class. This learning module is a complete PD package for your teachers or even your entire school. You'll learn a variety of behaviour management philosophies and the best strategies for effectively improving behaviour in the classroom with a positive approach.

By the end of this learning module, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand various strategies for classroom management including classroom structures and behaviour interventions
  • Knowledge of school-wide implementations for behaviour management
  • Be able to implement various classroom management tools to immediately begin using in your classroom/school

Tutorial series by Ron Farrow

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