Assessment Tools to Measure Technology Skills

In today’s digital world, technology has become an integral part of education—helping to ensure students are prepared with the ICT skills needed to be college- and career-ready. As a school leader, it is vital to provide not only technology to your students, but also teacher continuing professional development and technology training to ensure student success.

But how do you know your teachers are applying technology in the classroom and that your students understand?


Atomic Learning offers several different online assessment options to suit the varying needs of schools, colleges, and universities, including ISTE® Standards assessments, a basic self-assessment, and skill-based assessments on computer literacy and popular software applications—all helping gauge the knowledge and skills of both teachers and students.

ISTE® Standards Assessments

Focused on how-to use and apply technology, Atomic Learning’s online ISTE® Standards Assessment tools helps schools, colleges, and universities pinpoint teacher development areas and gauge student tech skill levels by having them demonstrate that skills can be applied.

Technology Skills Assessments

A companion to several of Atomic Learning’s online training series on Computer Literacy and popular Microsoft® Office applications, each online assessment provides insights to review retention of completed training. Learn more about available assessments


A quick and simple online Self-Assessment tool that allows learners to quickly reflect on their skill proficiency using any specific technology tool. The results are intended to provide a self-snapshot and individual scores are relative.

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