A Message Can Be Life-Changing…

We've all had those certain moments that leave a lasting impression. That's the affect experienced educator and renowned speaker Angela Maiers has on everyone she meets—school leaders, teachers, students, everyone.

With Angela as your guide, spark a conversation about learning, leadership, digital literacy, and 21st Century Skills at your school through empowering messages and critical discussions, including:

Two Words: You Matter

With Angela Maiers’ Mattering is the Agenda Toolkit, educators are able to take that energy, put it into practice, and be inspired to give students the confidence to know that they matter and they can “own their genius”.

Technology UseDigital Literacy

Encourage students to think critically and to find credible sources, rather than just “answers” with Angela’s Literacy Reimagined course—an in-depth discussion of digital literacy complete with lessons, resources, and strategies to better prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to apply technology and contribute in a meaningful way academically, personally, and in future careers.

Angela’s passion doesn’t stop there! Additional topics include:

Using a multimedia format, Atomic Learning enables you to bring Angela's dynamic personality and empowering messages to your teachers, staff, students and even parents, at a fraction of the cost of traditional professional development.

Bring this life-changing message to your school and make a difference in teacher fulfillment and student engagement. Request more information today!

Your actions define your impact. You are the change. You matter.
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