Develop Skills to Support ALL Learners

Atomic Assist provides over 5,000 online video tutorials on common assistive technology software and hardware. Just-in-time training on accessibility features build into Microsoft® Office, Apple® iPad™, Windows® and Mac operating systems is also included.

Assistive Technology Sample Training Tutorials

The solution can act as a stand-alone or as a supplement to other Atomic Learning solutions, which include technology integration training, mobile learning resources, Common Core planning tools and much more.

Atomic Assist includes access to:

  • Just-in-time training on accessibility, assistive technology software and devices
  • Projects, Workshops and Spotlights focused on applying assistive technology
  • Evidence of Learning Worksheet for training reflection and implementation planning
  • Certificates of Completion to track training committment
  • Ability to upload custom training resources*
  • Reports to monitor progress and track user activity
  • Administrator tools to assign or recommend training to individuals or groups
  • Sharing tools to integrate resources into any document or Web page

Request more information or contact a representative for additional details and pricing on this cost-effective solution.

*Pricing may be discounted if this feature is not included.