Staff Development for Effective Technology Integration

Are you providing your teachers with the technology skills they need to be successful in the classroom?

Since it’s no secret that students’ success is greatly impacted by their teachers, it only makes sense to ensure educators have the skills and confidence to utilize technology in their classroom. However, true technology integration is about more than simply operating technology, it’s about enhancing the learning experience.

From mastering interactive whiteboards and mobile devices, to addressing the embedded tech components of Common Core, Atomic Learning’s innovative solutions provide evidence-based staff development and training resources to help set teachers—and students—up for success.

In fact, research has proven that students in classrooms where teachers utilize Atomic Learning as a part of their professional development activities achieve more—nearly double the national average student achievement.

Interested in learning more about how Atomic Learning can have a true district-wide impact? Explore our solutions or request more information today!

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