Teacher & Staff Development Resources

It’s no secret that students’ success is greatly impacted by their teachers. Be sure that your district’s teachers and staff have the skills and tech confidence necessary to providing engaging, meaningful learning experiences with Atomic Learning’s evidence-based online professional development resources.

Effective Technology Integration Training

Research has shown that fewer than 7% of schools have teachers who are technology-literate enough to effectively integrate technology in the classroom*—make sure your teachers are prepared with:

Technology Basics Training & How-To Support

Does a lack of basic skills prohibit technology use in your district? With video training tutorials on over 250 technology devices and software applications, Atomic Learning answers how-to technology questions on:

In-Demand Soft Skills Courses

Life demands that teachers, staff, and school leaders alike be active life-long learners. Some of the most sought-after skills today are soft skills, such as those covered in Atomic Learning’s Career Skills training on:

Accessible Instruction Training & Projects

Ensure your district is able to meet the learning needs of all students with Atomic Learning’s specialized accessibility-focused projects and training workshops on assistive technology in the Atomic Assist solution.

From mastering interactive whiteboards and mobile devices to addressing the embedded tech components of Common Core, Atomic Learning’s staff development and training resources help set teachers—and students—up for success.

In fact, research has proven that students in classrooms where teachers utilize Atomic Learning as a part of their professional development activities achieve more—nearly double the national average for student achievement!

Interested in learning more about how Atomic Learning can impact in your school community? Explore our solutions or request more information today!

*Sparks (2006) Plugging educators into technology.