Cyberbully? No Way, Not Me

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Cyberbully? No Way, Not Me

Subject: Life & Career Skills
Grade Range: 6 - 8
Application Types: Blogs, Social Networking, Communication, Digital Citizenship, Web Applications

21st Century Themes: , Civic Literacy, Health Literacy

21st Century Concepts: Creativity & Innovation, Communication & Collaboration, Research & Information Fluency, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Digital Citizenship


This project promotes an awareness of digital citizenship, specifically related to "cyberbullying." This term refers to the use of digital tools, such as email or instant messaging, to send or post text or images that have the effect of intimidating, frightening, or embarrassing another person. We will be creating a blog (Web log) of student experiences and discussions about this topic, using freely available Web tools. A sample of the questions and comments posted on the blog include exploring what is meant by cyberbullying, whether it is possible to be a cyberbully without being aware of it, and what steps a person should take if they are a victim of cyberbullying. Additional discussion questions, assessment rubrics, and information about adapting and extending the example project are included in the resource materials available for download with this project.

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