Faculty & Staff Development Resources

Ensure that your campus’s faculty and staff have the skills and relevant training to provide engaging, meaningful learning with Atomic Learning’s online professional development resources.

Technology Training & How-To Support

With video training tutorials on over 250 technology devices and software applications, Atomic Learning delivers on-demand training for:

The Atomic Learning training library is a valuable resource for remediation, and “How do I?”/help desk technology questions as it provides faculty and staff a no-hassle way to blend necessary technology training directly into coursework. This enables educators to focus and make the most of valuable class time, instead of managing the distraction of keeping students up-to-speed on the necessary technology skills to complete meaningful tasks.

In-Demand Soft Skills Courses

Life demands that faculty, staff, and institution leaders alike be active life-long learners. Some of the most sought-after skills today are soft skills, such as those covered in Atomic Learning’s Career Skills training, topics include:

See our entire Career Skills training collection.

Accessible Instruction Training & Projects

Ensure your campus is able to meet the learning needs of all students with Atomic Learning’s specialized accessibility-focused training, and workshops on assistive technology.

From mastering your LMS and commonly used software applications to flipping your classroom, Atomic Learning’s staff development and training resources help set faculty, staff, and students up for lifelong academic and career success.

Interested in learning more about how Atomic Learning can impact in your campus community? Explore our solutions or request more information today!